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Over 70 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and restless leg.  Sleep School Online  is dedicated to help you battle your sleeping problems and get a better night’s sleep!  Sleep Expert Nancy Nadolski has over 30 years of client / patient experience and frequently speaks at major medical seminars around the country.  All information published on Sleep School Online is useful, accurate, and entertaining. We invite you to read our articles and encourage you to Sleep Better Tonight!

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Nancy Nadolski’s middle name is Sleep. Through Sleep School, she offers extraordinary abilities and know-how. If you are tired of counting sheep, Nancy will help you regain peaceful zzzz’s with her enthusiastic support for your recovery as well as her sleep expertise. I always send my sleepless clients to see Nancy.
Susan Reuling Furness, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Nancy is amazing!  My mentor, my peer as an NP, and my friend.  She knows tons about insomnia and the treatment of this terrible sleep disability. I have used her methods of treatments for my patients and for myself personally.  I would highly recommend her if you or someone you love has trouble sleeping!
Beverlee Furner, NP